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Accelerate Data Availability – Lower Operational Costs – Increase Data Accuracy – Improves Process Transparency – Eliminate Manual Data – Entry Increase Productivity

InvoiceAction Smart Process APP for Accounts Payable Automation


Artsyl’s InvoiceAction solution uses Smart Process Technology to help you control Accounts Payable invoice processing costs. InvoiceAction captures invoices automatically, classifies them, splits them apart, extracts and validates the needed data then routes them to the appropriate staff. Exceptions are handled quickly, approvals and GL coding are managed electronically through a workow process. This dramatically reduces the time, costs and errors in the process.

Bills Payed Right, on Time

Do you know how much your AP process is costing you?

A recent study found that the median cost to process an invoice is about $9.00. Too many organizations struggle with the AP process. Whether it’s paper coming in from the mail or now more than ever emails.

How do you up with it all?

All the sorting, separating and routing. Has manual data entry got you down?

It does for most. And what about thoses errors?

Once in the ERP it costs you more to correct and mangers dogs the process down? Is everyone even following the proper process?

It’s no wonder why AP is such a headache for most! Artsy is here to help you change this. Artsyl’s InoviceAction uses Smart Process Technology (SPT) to put you in control of your Accounts Payable Invoice Process. In fact, ALLM states many companies say they see up to an 80% reduction in their total invoice processing costs after automation is implemented.

Artsly’s InvoiceAction ensures your invoices are captured automatically from Scanners, Emails, Network Folders and Fax Servers and then Submitted directly for processing. InvoiceAction allows you to scan paper invoices locally or remotely and ensure your invoices are in order. Once captured invoices can be automatically classified and sorted .This unique process replaces costly manual handling and sorting system. As the process continues advanced Optional Character Recognition will extract the invoice data eliminating the need to manually key in invoices. Rules based validation ensures the data is accurate. This process allows data validation rules such as Vender Lookups Invoice detection and early payment discounts alerts.

Artsly’s InvoiceAction keeps you ahead of the process. InvoiceAction automatically and dynamically routes invoices to the appropriate staff for easy General Ledger Coding.


InvoiceAction offers unique functionality in your business once or on the go, with support for most any mobile devices. lnvoiceAction users receive email notifications, which send them alerts about work to be processed. This ensures that your business process is organized and optimized.
InvoiceAction gets your data sent to where you need it the most. Your financial data will be routed directly into the Enterprise Resource Planning system. Artsyl’s InvoiceAction ensures that you will be able to eciently
process your invoices, on time and for less than it costs you today.

Reduces manual handling of invoices

InvoiceAction can capture, sort, split and route invoices at the earliest possible point of entry into the company reducing manual handling and sorting.

Eliminates data entry

Using advanced OCR and Text Recognition capabilities InvoiceAction can process scanned images, electronic PDFs and even EDI XML files and extract the needed invoice data automatically eliminating manual data entry.

Increase data accuracy

Rules based validation of information makes data highly accurate.
Whether it’s Vendor ID Lookups, PO Matching, Mathematical reconciliations, Duplicate Invoice Detection or Early Pay Alerts InvoiceAction will make sure the data is accurate and you are alerted to
issues needing review.

Speeding the WorkFlow

InvoiceAction allows for dynamic routing of invoices for verication, validation, exception handling, approval and GL Coding. All from within one application you can streamline the time it takes to post your invoices.

Ensure better compliance

With rules based roles and workow access you can control who can touch Invoices within InvoiceAction. Additionally with rules based validation you can create the proper compliance process for your invoices and enforce it.

Better Visibility

Finally with the whole process moving faster and with fewer errors or issues you will gain better visibility into your overall AP process.

Automatic Integration

InvoiceAction has options for automatic integration with different ERP systems such as: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, Infor/Lawson, Epicor, QAD, IFS, Syspro, QuickBooks and many more


Multi- Channel Capture

Automatically capture invoices from Scans, e-mails, Network Folders, Fax, FTP or Electronic Files etc.

Automated Document Classification

Rules based classification automatically sorts and separates invoices and other document types and puts them in the proper workflow

Advanced OCR Extraction

OCR Engine independent automated extraction of Structured, Semi-Structured or Un-Structured data.

Rules based validation of data

Validates your data against ERP or other corporate data sources providing things such as Vendor look-ups, Mathematical reconciliations, PO Matching, 3 way Matching, Duplicate Invoice Detection, Early Pay Alerts and customizable rules

Automated Routing and Notification

Automatically split batches and dynamically route invoices based on conditions set in the workow. Send notifications to alert users they have work to be processed.

Exception Handling

Exceptions are sent to users for further processing. Queues allow for different users to address distinct exceptions.

GL Coding

GL Coding can be done automatically by the system or manually by AP or appropriate staff. It can be configured for users locally or remotely

Approval, Rejection and Escalations

Batches or invoices can be routed automatically for Approval, Rejection or Escalation if needed without any manual efforts.

Data Integration

In order to cut expenses and increase efficiency InvoiceAction directly integrates into all well-known ERP systems

Automated Data Integration

With ERP, BPM, ECM and other applications